Did you ever wonder how expert painters get those amazing results? Well, certainly the big reason for that stunning finish that you see are years of experience and training at work. But there is more than just hard-earned skills. Painter And Decorator Birmingham professional painters understand that their work is only as good as the tools they use and properly care for their paint brushes. You might not be able to instantly acquire the skills of a craftsman like Decorators Birmingham with years of experience, but knowing how to pick the right tool for the job and how to care for it will get you one step closer to the painting results you want.

Equally as important as choosing the right brush for the job is caring for it after the work is finished. Water-based paint should be washed off thoroughly. Clean the bristles under water until it runs completely clear. A brush comb is a very helpful tool to ensure that no paint remains in the base of the bristles.

Oil-based paints need to be rinsed in paint thinner. A glass jar with a lid and a mouth wide enough to dip and swirl your paint brush is a safe way to store paint thinner. Just remember that paint thinner should never be dumped down the drain! Allow the paint solids to settle to the bottom of the jar, then pour off the rest of the paint thinner into a clean container. Once the solids dry dispose of them according to your county or local trash company’s waste guidelines.

Armed with the right tool for your next painting project we’re confident you’ll be happy with the results. If you need help painting or decorating your house Painters And Decorators Birmingham can fill in the job we have a team of expert decorators and painters call us now!

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Selecting and Caring for Your Brushes