Hybrid or wired alarms do not compete at all with regards to it’s functionality. Both of this offer similar alarm type and reaction, they are also identical in programming and signaling and also standard detectors can be synced for both. Their only difference is where they can be installed wired alarms are suitable for existing buildings while hybrid alarms is best for new or buildings undergoing renovation. Locksmiths Cardiff have years of experience installing alarms if you need installation call now!

Advantages of wired/hybrid alarm

  • Affordable components
  • Large number of detectors can be integrated, thanks to hybrid function extension with wireless components possible
  • Very resilient thanks to exclusive mode of transmission
  • Very economical (investment protection)
  • Low maintenance costsĀ 

Advantages of wireless alarm

  • Wireless transmission for use at inaccessible locations
  • Cost-effective installation
  • Relatively uncomplicated installation without cable drawing
  • Very flexible, can be extended at any time
  • Easy to take with you if you move
  • Additional components can be easily and quickly integrated

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Application areas for wireless alarm systems:

  • Wireless alarm systems are suitable for smaller and larger-scale houses or apartments, and for smaller or medium-scale commercial objects.
  • Wireless alarm systems are the system of choice for retrofitting and can be quickly and cleanly installed by a security expert.

Application areas for wired alarm systems:

  • Wired/hybrid alarm systems are suitable for medium to large-scale objects such as commercial buildings, factory floors and offices.
  • In the commercial sector, wired alarms are usually the system of choice, as an installation is generally easier and mostly longer distances have to be covered.
  • Wired/hybrid alarm systems make sense in the private sector when the building is under construction or is being renovated.


Comparison: Wired or Hybrid Alarms