Often times, that you might not event think of your heating system but if something goes wrong then that’s the time you begin to notice it. Chelmsford plumbing and heating can help you get it in good shape, you can call us anytime to ensure that it’s working efficiently.  We will show if the system is working properly and we will help clear any debris from the boiler pump.

Tips to improve your energy efficiency:

  • Insulating your loft will reduce heat loss from your home.
  • Use radiator insulation foil behind your radiators to direct heat into your rooms.
  • If you have a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard, make sure it has a thick thermal jacket and isn’t set higher than 60 degrees.
  • If your radiators feel warmer at the bottom and cooler at the top when the heating is on, bleed them to improve efficiency.

What are the common causes of these problems?

  • Is the boiler power light on? If not, check if a circuit protection device has tripped that you can reset.
  • If the boiler has a pilot flame, check it’s alight. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you need to re-ignite it.
  • Is there a problem with your gas supply? Ask a neighbor if they’re having problems too.
  • Is your meter in a cupboard where the on/off meter may have been knocked? Check to see if it’s in the right position.
  • Has your central heating programmer been set correctly?
  • If the room’s thermostat is set too low, the heating will fail to start.
  • Is the boiler pressure correct? If not, there might be a leak in the system. Be careful when investigating as any escaping water may be very hot. Ideally, call a qualified engineer.

If you have any problems or any inquiries regarding your heating system you can call your local Chelmsford plumbing and heating.

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